Cheating Spouse Investigation

The situation of disloyalty arises between two individuals, when either of them is suspicious about the other individual. The stage of suspicion among the two may arise before marriage or after marriage.


It is much harmful when this type of situation arises after marriage, when both husband & wife lose confidence on each other because of infidelity of either of them. Due to which the relationship between both of them becomes very delicate, and it should be handled with care.


One of the major reasons of cheating amongst all is extra marital affairs. This situation arises due to several behavioral aspects such as sheer negligence towards their partner, drastic reduction in satisfaction with their marriage, unfulfilled demands, radical change in their conduct at home, and sudden preoccupation with their appearance etc. The aforementioned traits clearly indicate that the partner is not loyal or having relationship beyond his/her marriage.


During the past 20 years in this industry, we came across many individuals who approached us with this type of common problem. We at Shaddi detectives pursue rich experience to tackle such type of issues with our highly competent team.


We at Shaddi detectives identify with the problem of our client, which in turn allows us to draw all the possible solution and also customize the investigation as per the requirement of the client, while maintaining utmost secrecy.


We conduct the surveillance of the suspect with our specialized team; collect all the inputs, information and evidence which proves that he/she is indulged in improper activities. We have a team of both male/female who carry out such task while maintaining the confidentiality of the client.

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