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Divorse Case Investigation Services Divorce is such a situation between husband and wife, when both of them or any one of them has decided to be apart from the other. There may be a various reason, it may be personal, professional or any other for Husband and wife to take divorce from each other and lead an independent life.


In majority of divorce cases, either of the spouses starts suspecting on other due to his/her anomalous activities or if the other person began avoiding his/her partner.


But once the matter is under the legalities of the court it requiresto produce proper evidence and proof in order to prove spouse’s infidelity or disloyalty. Also, if he/she needs appropriate proofs and evidence if he/she wants to seek alimony claim.


When our client approaches us with a suspect of infidelity in relationship, we understand the trauma through which he / she is undergoing, we with the help of our highly specialized team put forward the correct picture of the spouse without adding / deleting anything and at the same time maintaining the secrecy of our client. For a Divorce, we guide them through our professional experience in this field. After having sufficient evidence in hand, we with our expertise in this field guide the client to file a divorce suite or claim alimony.


We have our own methods / standards to carry out the investigation. However based on the requirement of our clients we customize our investigation as per the requirement.


During the course of investigation we beginwith investigating about the character of the suspect, based on the requirement of our client we put him under real character test to know the integrity of the spouse, this facility is only available with us we put your spouse in real loyalty test. We also investigate his character in his place of work.


We also investigate about the status of your spouse, financial soundness, employment status and many other minute details in order to claim alimony amount or refrain the other party who is claiming the alimony amount.

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