Post Matrimonial Investigation

Post Matrimonial Investigation Delhi Post matrimonial enquiry as a name suggest is carried out after the marriage, when either of the life partner (Boy or Girl) is not satisfied with the other partner.
The need of such investigation/enquiry arises due to disloyalty or sheer ignorance of either of the partners.
We at Ascon have received numerous complaints from several wife’s that their husband is behaving in an abnormal way and is not faithful towards them or has started ignoring them and so on...


Now days we are not only receiving complaints from women but also from men that their wife’s are not taking proper care or are not behaving in a proper way.


In both the aforementioned situations, this could be a strong indication of involvement in extra marital affairs.


In our 20 years of experience in this industry, we have come across numerous young men and women, both working and non-workingwho are facing these type of ups and down in their married life.


With a team of professionals we plan out the activity to check every movement of the subject under doubt, i.e. where he/she is going, with whom he/she is meeting who are his/her friends and many more such activities, which otherwise cannot be judged by a common man/woman. 


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We also customize our investigation based on the requirement of our client. Our principle is not to disclose the identity of our client during the course of investigation. We give enough proof and all the details pertaining to the investigation without adding / deleting any facts.

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