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Pre Matrimonial Advise Delhi Marriages are made in heaven is not sure. Make your marriage as wonderful as heaven. Read to find out tips for a happy married life. A happy married life also results in a happy life overall. Find out how to make your spouse happy and feel special.

If you are newly married and just begun a new life with your partner these are some useful tips. If you want some ideas on how to lead a happy married life, you will find this advice helpful. Find out the secrets to a happy marriage!


Money is important! But do not let money be a cause of friction in your marriage. Make a spending plan and discuss spending limits. Decide before hand the amount of money you can spend without consulting each other. In this way, you can avoid all possible future arguments. Remember to compliment more than criticize. Complimenting is important as it will make your partner feel wanted. Even one compliment can often be a cause of great happiness for your partner which he or she will really cherish.


Try to celebrate even small occasions. Most couples only celebrate occasions like an anniversary or Valentine's Day or a birthday. Celebrate even small occasions like an achievement in your job or if your partner successfully accomplished a goal. Making these sort of small moments special make the journey more exciting. Making a marriage work would involve making sacrifices sometimes for each other's happiness. It does not always need to be the movie or restaurant of your choice only! If the two of you are disagreeing about the selection of movie, give in to your partner's choice. It does not always need to be the one you want. Take pleasure in their happiness!


Surprises are good and can make the relationship exciting. Keeping flowers in her cupboard or keeping a Thank-You note in your husband's or wife's handkerchief can really make you partner happy. Even small things like these can make your partner feel special and loved. When you feel like fighting or arguing, keep things in perspective. Think; is it correct to argue over small issues? If not, it is probably not worth arguing about and disturbing the harmony between the two of you.


Try to find a common activity that the both of you enjoy doing and do it regularly. For example, like swimming, badminton or watching old movies together. A shared activity can lead to many special moments. Also, it will give something for both of you to look forward together and a common topic for conversation. Never reprimand your husband or wife in front of others. Do not correct minor mistakes of your husband or wife in front of your friends. This would make them feel like a child.

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