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Matrimonial frauds are becoming increasingly prevalent due to the popularity of online dating and social networking sites. It is mandatory to be aware of the dangers associated with these sites and take steps to protect oneself from being scammed.

According to the police, matrimonial frauds include cases where a person lies about their identity, income, or age to attract a partner. In one documented case, a woman was divorced and looking for a partner through online sites. Considering this to be her vulnerable state, she was taken advantage of by her alleged suitor, pretending to be someone he wasn’t, lying about his religion and other details to build trust with her faster. By the time she realized what was happening, it was too late. Another case happened in which a man pushed his wife off the balcony. Deepika and Vikram wed in 2013 after falling in love, claims to the lawsuit made by Deepika’s father. The couple had a six-month-old boy and a four-year-old daughter. Vikram allegedly beat up his daughter after she voiced concerns about their relationship, according to Mr. Ahuja. Deepika was thrown from the balcony by Vikram on Saturday.

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